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Holm Building Restoration Project


Fire Escape Restoration: NMW was asked to help with staging to replace the siding on a fire escape. There were two challenges for this phase of the project: working above the river and town regulations stating that there could be no man-lift or crane blocking traffic on the only bridge through town. We engineered this multilevel staging which rose 45 feet above the water.

Beam Repair: These pictures will show the process of repairing the main girder that spans one third of the Middlebury River from the bank to the bridge pier. Blocks were set in the river by NMW to slow down the current. Two posts were set in the river each with a one hundred ton jack placed on top. Working from our staging, NMW raised the building using the jacks, monitoring lift with gauges and a dial indicator to measure lift. The building load on the girder was 135 tons and we raised it 3/16 of an inch. The old rusted section protruding past the building was cut and removed. A partially fabricated beam was lowered into place, welded at staggered joints and sistered. NMW then removed posts, jacks, staging and blocks.

Floor Replacement: The Holm Building sits atop the Middlebury River where the water is channeled through a narrow sluice. Rotten wood beams, approximately 90 years old had to be replaced. To access the beams, holes were cut through the brick wall, and I beam hangers were placed through the holes resting on the steel girders. These were used to make a suspended platform above the river. A 40 foot I beam was used as a monorail to install three new galvanized I beams and to remove the old wood beams. Access to the site was further complicated by a narrow alley and low electrical wires.

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