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About Nop's MetalWorks


Read Bios: Louis Nop | Jaclyn Davidson | Kevin Messer

Nop’s Metal Works has been delivering expert large-scale custom engineering and structural services – as well as producing custom artwork – from its location in western Vermont since 2005. The company serves private and public clients through four core services: Welding & Restoration, Crane Services and Art and Craft. Prided on its small but extremely experienced and knowledgeable staff, Nops Metal Works is quickly growing in the marketplace due to its high value, imaginative and high quality results, and the unique perspective and leadership of its founder and owner, Lou Nop.

The metal shop facility is entirely equipped to produce full-size architectural metal work as well as the smallest details for the intimate environment. In addition to this facility, Nop’s Metal Works employs several large vehicles in support of its services, including a 25 ton capacity, 110 foot boom truck crane. At the facility, or on-site, Nop’s Metal Works has the expertise and tools to complete almost any job.

Through a unique partnership with Jaclyn Davidson  – nationally known jeweler and artist – Nop’s Metal Works have joined 45 years of metal fabrication to offer builders, architects and individuals a firm that is able to produce and install achitectural metal work of original design. Lou Nop and Jaclyn Davidson have worked in all traditional metals used in construction, and their body of knowledge includes methods of connecting different metals - both traditional welds and often overlooked cold connections. The use of patinas and weather coloring are all avenues that have been mastered - with the very special knowledge of glass enameled copper and steel (which was often used at the turn of the century.) Their exquisite sculptural work can be custom ordered, and they will work with you through the entire design and creation process to ensure a piece that matches your vision.

Our intent is skillfully executed metal work of distinctive design.

1479 Route Seven South | Middlebury, Vermont 05753 | Office (802) 382-9300 | Mobile (802)373-9357 |