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Jaclyn Davidson Bio


Jaclyn Davidson is a nationally renowned jeweler and artist, specializing in sculptural elements using bold combinations of materials and colors that are visually compelling, as well as inform the viewer through story telling. Honing her craft for over 30 years, Jaclyn has had many public and private showings, and her work resides in galleries across the country. Her Artist Statement provides insight into her work:

 “I am most interested in objects that are intimate and personal, and jewelry has these qualities. It is important to me, however, that my pieces have a life of their own apart from their role as wearable objects and personal adornment. I keep designs compact, so they can be held in the hand and observed as well as worn. Because the back is as important to me as the front, the viewer is rewarded for his willingness to examine each piece on all sides.”

Many of my designs are inspired by myths, legend and history of various cultures, as well as from what I have seen. Inspired by verbal concepts, the visual contents become illustrations for a story. Once an idea is visually realized, however, a design may lose touch with its narrative sources and owe more to the dynamics of form. This sometimes results in unusual or absurd juxtapositions.”

In 2004, Jaclyn Davidson formed a partnership with Lou Nop of Nop’s Metal Works where the combination of her artistic vision and ability coupled with Lou’s extensive experience with large scale metal smithing and custom projects have created beautiful, one-of-a-kind sculptural pieces for their clients.

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